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I live in the wintery north.  No matter how many winters I weather, it’s still scary to hit a patch of ice when driving.  I’m always afraid that I will lose all control and careen down the road, the houses flying by while I turn my steering wheel and pump the brakes in vain until I crash into something large, damaging and expense-incurring.

Parenting feels like that.  Sometimes I am enjoying a relaxing drive, and other days the world is flying past my windows at frightening speed and I am just trying to stop for a moment and get some traction.

This blog is traction.  It’s my chance to chronicle the pauses and hang on to some moments that are flying by far too quickly.  It’s my opportunity to take my hands off the wheel and stop controlling, at least for a moment.  And breathe.  And write.  And laugh a little.  And it’s a chance to look back at the tracks my wheels have left and to realize that the journey so far has been pretty great.

And then…. I pump the gas pedal, hit some ice, and careen some more.

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