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Two Weeks’ Silence

Exciting news!

I’m been selected to participate in the Two Week Social Media Disconnect Challenge!  This means that for two weeks straight I will be disconnected from social media – no Facebook, no YouTube, no Twitter, no Pinterest, and no blogging.  This starts at midnight tonight!

I’ve figured out how much time I spend online doing social media stuff, and my plan is to spend that time in a different, constructive way each day.  For example, I may spend time doing projects I’ve pinned on Pinterest but haven’t tried yet.  Or I may spend time writing letters or calling people on the phone.  I’m interested in seeing whether the things I accomplish through social media are more difficult, more meaningful, or more rewarding outside the realm of social media.

I plan to come running back with open arms and some new takes on social media…. and I’ll share my experiences here.  But you’ll have to wait a couple weeks.  If for any reason you *really* need to reach me, I can still be contacted through email… or phone or postal service :).

If you’ve come here from to find out more about me, welcome!  Here are a couple of my past posts that will give you an idea of what I write:

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See you all on March 29!

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  1. Does that mean you won’t get this comment for two weeks? Cool…It’ll kinda be like I put a stamp on it… Happy respite, ~jo

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